Bringing light to sexuality, death and consciousness

Here is my gift for you: a FREE tutorial where you will Learn how to Control Your Sexual Energy with Uddiyana Bandha.

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My entire adult life is dedicated to growth and healing. By no means is my work entirely done. I feel firmly that healing, and spirituality, are a spiral process. Yet I have been able to make real progress in my years of self – examination. The real turning point for me in these aspects was first my introduction to Yoga and Tantra, and secondly the practice of relationship as a spiritual path in itself. Learn more about me.

“Your gift is where your wound is.”

– Robert Bly

My Offerings

I offer a variety of formats to explore this powerful triadic aspect of existence, including workshops and classes, as well as private coaching and healing sessions.

Conscious Relationships and Tantric Sexuality

Sex and sexuality are powerful forces in us. Unfortunately, in most of us they are linked with shame, guilt, insecurity, fear and pain. Tantra embraces sexuality as sacred, and offers a variety of ways to release these negative attachments and to heal our relationship with our sex and sexuality, and to empower us to become better lovers – in the bedroom and in the world.

Here is my gift for you: a FREE tutorial where you will Learn how to Control Your Sexual Energy with Uddiyana Bandha.


We all will experience death and loss in our lives, and many of us already have. And, of course, we will each die ourselves. Death can be something that we ignore, or it can be something that we fully acknowledge and accept. Paradoxically, when we accept the truth of our own death and impermanence, it leads to a more authentic experience of living.


Yoga has been defined so many different ways. For me, it’s about the expansion of the consciousness. Firstly bringing the consciousness into the body, and then outwards and upwards. I believe strongly that the foundation of all of this is a personal practice. That Yoga is the expansion of the consciousness throughout life, and that the support for this Yoga is the daily practice. I share what has transformed my own life, Tantric Hatha Yoga, with an aim towards empowering people to take the teachings and apply to them to their own specific situations and needs.

Upcoming Workshops


“Acroyoga is the perfect model for the Tantric Relationship – it requires and builds Presence, Trust, Surrender and Communication”. In this workshop we will use the amazing modality of AcroYoga to explore, integrate and ground the basic philosophies of Tantric Spirituality in our lives. It will be fun and playful, yet insightful and experiential, and an opportunity to connect with others in an intimate, yet non-sexual space.


Path of Partnership

In this revolutionary workshop, we explore how to engage in Conscious Relationships through both the teachings of the East and the West. From the West we will offer strategies and techniques sourced from cutting edge Transpersonal Psychology, and Psychotherapy, and from the East we will offer traditional and neo-Tantric teachings. And we will synthesize and harmonize these in a unique experiential workshop.

Join us if you are interested in:

  • Conscious Relationships as a Spiritual Path
  • Explore the conjunction between Childhood Wounding and Sexual Attraction
  • Understand how to stop projecting onto our Partners
  • Unveil how our Relationship is a Mirror
  • Tools and Practices for Empowered Communication
  • Practice Holding your own Wounds, as well of those your Partner, through Triggers and Healing