Breaking the Taboo with Tantra: Men & Menstruation

There is still a cultural taboo against menstruation.

Most men find it uncomfortable to even talk about. Despite the presence of “bloodhounds,” many men feel that lovemaking during this time is gross, disgusting, or dirty—and won’t do that.

I felt the same for so many years of my life, until my first Tantra workshop revolutionized everything. Now, after many years of practicing sexual Tantra, not only do I not mind making love during my partner’s moon cycle, but I find myself disheartened at the way that men—and women—view this miracle of the female body.

Yes, a miracle.

Menstruation is the proof of a woman’s ability to create life. This lifeblood is not only her vital life force, but the symbol of the creatrix, of the feminine capacity to bring forth something where nothing was before.

The way that men, and women, are taught to view menstruation is part of the subtly perpetuated violence of the patriarchal system.   It seems to me that patriarchy is just as wounding to men as it is to women. In fact, there is a resurgence of the Divine Feminine in the world, with the women’s rights movement, with the power of the Feminist parties, with the resurgence of Tantra and Neo-Tantra in the world.

While empowered, Sacred Masculine is still almost entirely woefully absent in our time. There are some beautiful examples of empowered masculine in the world, but they are few and far between.

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