Cultivating Presence

Presence is one of the pillars of Spirituality.  It’s so incredibly important, yet a bit difficult to exactly describe.  Here is how A.H. Almaas beautifully explains it:

Presence is our spiritual freedom liquefied, condensed. Presence is an actual sense of hereness—beyond our emotions, beyond the mind, beyond our ideas. In presence, we can know ourselves in a way that is authentic, which means that we are knowing what is real in us. When we feel presence, we are experiencing our underlying reality. It feels more real than the physical, the emotional, or the mental realms of experience. And it can’t be defined in any of those terms. So when we feel the presence of love—the actual liquid sweetness and its melting nature, or its fullness and richness and softness—we begin to see that the ways we have known love have been limited.”

There are many ways to cultivate presence.  But when I am asked by students and clients, what I always suggest is a simple technique that takes almost no time at all.

And now I’d like to share that with you, in the video below.

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