Healing the Heart-Genital Connection

I have been practicing Tantric lovemaking for over seven years now.

I’ve also been blessed to have had many beautiful experiences of spontaneous heart opening and of shared expansion.

I’ve had lovemaking sessions lasting for hours and hours. I’ve had heart orgasms, full body orgasms, and energetic orgasms. I’ve learned to control my own sexual energy—and that of my partners.

But, I have discovered recently that there has been a problem—there has been a disconnect between my heart and my genitals. How was it possible to have all these powerful experiences with this blockage? And what could I experience if this blockage didn’t exist?

We will explore all this in this article, but first, a bit of how this all works:

Sexual energy is an incredibly powerful energy; it literally has the ability to create life. Tantra and Neo-Tantra embrace sex as a spiritual practice for this reason. The idea is to harness the sexual energy built up in the lower chakras, and bring that to the higher chakras that facilitate expanded states of consciousness like unconditional love, pure clarity, expansion, states of void, and states of oneness.

To give a brief overview of the chakra system, involving the sexual energy, it looks like this:

Muladhara/root chakra: the source of vitality and our sexual potency.
Svadhisthana/sacral chakra: the source of our desire.
Manipura/navel chakra: the source of our connection with our self as personality (our ego), has impurities such as anger and aggression.
Anahata/heart chakra: the source of love in the human system, the energy of selflessness.
Vishuddha/throat chakra: entering into the transpersonal realms.
Ajna/Third Eye: pure abstract symbolic understandings of reality.
Sahasrara/Crown Chakra: the experience of oneness.

Lovemaking is another term for sex, and is really only applicable when the sexual energy is brought to the level of the heart chakra. When we feel that we are merging with our partner, that overwhelming feeling of affection, caring, and goodwill for our lover naturally arises.

This doesn’t happen every time that we have sex though. Therefore, in my opinion, this term should be reserved for those times that this is true—when we are literally making love.

Why doesn’t this happen?

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