Nine Nights to Honor the Feminine

Today is the first day of the Indian festival of Navratri – which literally means ‘Nine Nights’.  This festival, which is celebrated twice a year, sometime close the equinoxes, is a celebration of the Goddess.  And so for Tantrics this is a very special time to honor and worship the feminine.

This can manifest in many ways.  Right now I’d like to extend the invitation for you to approach this from three directions – the triple aspect of the goddess inviting this trinity of worship.  This holds true regardless of your gender identification, whether you are a man or a woman, single or in partnership, young or old.

  1. Worshipping the Divine Feminine. This may be a specific form of the Divine Feminine that you are called to, for example Durga being the focus of the Navratri celebrations in India.  Or this may be the more abstract Divine Feminine, the Creatrix, the Matrix.  Whatever feels most akin to you, spend some time in these next nine nights making offerings – in the form of candles and flowers upon your altar, in the form of prayer and meditation, in the form of outright worship and devotion.  The veil is thin in these nine nights, and the Goddess can hear you and respond.
  2. Honoring the women in your life. Give some extra love and gratitude to your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your daughters, and every woman you meet.  Honor them for the work that they do, in holding this feminine energy for us.  The feminine responds best being loved, to being honored, to being held, as she holds everyone else.  So let’s love them, honor them, and hold them, as best we can!
  3. Honoring your internal feminine. In Tantra we hold that every one of us has both masculine and feminine qualities within.  So in these next days, give some extra love and attention to your own feminine side.  Perhaps allow yourself to spend more time in nature, or to go to that dance class that you have always wanted to, or just to be more aware of and in touch with your emotions.

Prem Baba, one of the most beautiful beings alive at this particular moment in time, has said that (paraphrasing) – the wound between the masculine and the feminine within each of us, and within society, is the main cause of all of the suffering that exists on our planet.

In the Tantric Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Conscious Relationships and other workshops that I co-facilitate around the world,  we offer many very specific techniques to help heal these wounds, both internally, in one’s intimate relationships, and in the world.

However one can begin working on, or recommit to this healing path just by bringing extra attention and awareness to the feminine.  Navratri, these ‘Nine Nights of the Goddess’, are a beautiful astrological reminder of how important SHE is.  Please take a moment and consider how you can best serve her in these nine nights, how can you extend your devotion and love to these triple aspects of the feminine.

With love and gratitude to the Goddess,


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