For me, it's about the expansion of the consciousness.

Yoga and Tantra have been defined so many different ways. For me, it’s about the expansion of the consciousness. Firstly bringing the consciousness into the body, and then outwards and upwards. I believe strongly that the foundation of all of this is a personal practice. That is the expansion of the consciousness throughout life, and that the support for this is the daily practice of meditation, and a commitment to inner work. I share what has transformed my own life, Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Transformational Shadow Work, and more, with an aim towards empowering people to take the teachings and apply to them to their own specific situations and needs.

The following are my offerings in this area. However the techniques within the Tantric Yoga tradition are so rich and varied that really anything is possible, classes vary depending on the needs of the students, and new workshops are always possible if there is demand.
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Opening the Heart Chakra

We all want to experience love in our life, in greater quanities, in more purity, and maybe even in new relationships. From the Yogic perspective it is Anahata Chakra – the Heart Chakra – that makes this possible. This workshop will introduce a holistic approach to the activation of the Heart Chakra. It will provide powerful practical tools empowering you to take the practice into your daily life and to live with an ever-opening heart.


The Yoga of Getting Shit Done

In this workshop you will be given ANCIENT POWERFUL tools from the classical and living Yogic tradition on how to overcome laziness, inertia, and lack of motivation. We will address these problems from a variety of angles, and completely remove these patterns, forever. By the end of this workshop you will have the tools, strategy and mindset to empower your relationship with yourself, with your responsibilities and with the world.


Personalized Tantric Yoga

This one-on-one session will begin with a consultation to determine how empowered you are in the various aspects of your life, and therefore the best Tantric Yoga techniques for your specific, individual being, right now. I will then guide you through a series of practices that are suited for your individual needs. You will receive a pdf so that you can continue to practice these techniques alone.

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Tantric Tarot

Tantric Tarot are Tarot card readings done over Skype, or in person if we are geographically close, for people that are seeking lucidity and clarity on their path in life, to work through blockages, to re-inspire enthusiasm, and to illuminate what will bring the most growth in life at this moment. The reading will include very practical tips on how to cultivate certain energies, coming from my experience as a teacher of Tantric Yoga. Whether your question is about relationship, career & life purpose, health and healing, spiritual understanding, or anything else, a Tantric Tarot reading can bring deep insight. Readings can be done over Skype, each session takes about 2 hours, and you will receive an audio recording of the session for your records.