Tantric Tarot are Tarot card readings done over Skype, or in person if we are geographically close, for people that are seeking lucidity and clarity on their path in life, to work through blockages, to re-inspire enthusiasm, and to illuminate what will bring the most growth in life at this moment.

The reading will include very practical tips on how to cultivate certain energies, coming from my years of experience teaching and practicing Tantra, Yoga and other spiritual and creative practices.

Whether your question is about relationship, career & life purpose, health and healing, spiritual understanding, or anything else, a Tantric Tarot reading can bring deep insight.  Examples of questions that have been explored through a reading vary from, “What is my life purpose” to “How do I communicate better with my partner” to “Is it the right time to end this relationship” all the way to “How do I reach enlightenment”.

Readings can be done over Skype, each session takes 1.5-2 hours, and you will receive an audio recording of the session for your records.

I have been reading Tarot for over 22 years, and exploring the world of Tantra for 8, and the two together has transformed my understanding of both, which is why I offer ‘Tantric Tarot’ sessions.  Combining and contrasting the wisdom of these two different ways, one Eastern and one Western, of understanding the human soul and it’s journey of healing.  I am currently in process of writing a book to explore my discoveries by bringing these systems together.

To book a session, contact me HERE or send me an email at tantrictarot@gmail.com.

Tantric Tarot lucidity clarity relationships healing spirituality purpose
  • Thank you so much Amitayus, so much inspiration and life love flows through your being! Truly, your inner eye's hand in my own evolving awakening makes me so blessed. Looking to the reading you offered me, six months later, I see the tendencies of mine own self that you pulled from the cards, and how I either did or did not heed the lessons you foretold. Because I know life is accelerated by my own personal journey of learning, I welcome the fact that I could have bypassed a lot, had I just listened to what you saw from the cards I pulled. Nonetheless, I have so much gratitude for you, and your promotion of the magician within me and the powers that reside within and without my being. We will meet again, maybe I will read your cards, or you will read mine again , regardless, you are amazing, to the core. Your love radiates, glows so bright that it is no wonder you are a vessel of divine insight.

  • I am absolutely amazed by the tarot reading Amitayus held for me. Being my first tarot readingever, I had little understanding of how Tarot works, but Amitayus explained it in a very comprehensible way. He gave a very personal reading that absolutely answered the question I had and also gave me direction on which aspects of my spiritual and personal evolution I should focus and how. I can highly recommend a Tarot Reading with Amitayus to anybody, I will assure you will have a wonderful experience and will lead you to a deeper understanding of what is going on with you and and around you.

  • My Tarot Reading with Amitayus was very powerful and special. I asked specifically for a New Year´s reading, searching for clarity, guidance and direction for the new year. Amitayus has the talent to give space and openess for the reading to unfold, without any judgements or expectations of the outcome. His skills and ability to understand the cards and to transmit it in a very clear and easy to understand way gave me a lot of trust and clarity about the questions I brought into this reading. I left with a light heart having more clarity for the upcoming months and a direction where to put my energy into.

    S.- Thailand