We all will experience death and loss in our lives, and many of us already have. And, of course, we will each die ourselves. Death can be something that we ignore, or it can be something that we fully acknowledge and accept. Paradoxically, when we accept the truth of our own death and impermanence, it leads to a more authentic experience of living.

Listed here are my offerings exploring death, impermanence, loss and grief.

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Yoga and Death

We will all die, but how often do we admit this to ourselves? Modern society tells us that its macabre to dwell on this, and yet every spiritual tradition in the world, Including the Yogic and Tantric paths, include meditations on death as part of their repertoire. The Yogic tradition specifically tells us that meditating on one’s on mortality has so many benefits; it brings one more immediately into the present moment, helps one to practice aparigraha – letting go, and prepares one for their final passage, while at the same time vastly improving the quality of life.


Conscious Heartbreak

Are you, or have you ever been, heart – broken? Grief – stricken? Mourning? Frustrated by the Truth of Impermanence? In this workshop we will explore grief, loss and heartbreak, and how we can expand during this time rather than collapse inwards. Using ancient and powerful Yoga and Tantra techniques we will learn how to grieve harmoniously, how to expand and deepen consciousness in the midst of suffering, and how to transform the grief and healing process into your spiritual path.