Of all footprints,
That of the elephant is supreme;
Of all mindfullness meditations
That on death is supreme.

We will all die, but how often do we admit this to ourselves? Modern society tells us that its macabre to dwell on death, and yet every spiritual tradition in the world, Including the Yogic and Tantric paths, include meditations on death as part of their repertoire. The Yogic tradition specificially tells us that meditating on death, facing one’s on mortality, has so many benefits; it brings one more immediately into the present moment, helps one to practice aparigraha – letting go, and prepares one for their actual death.

In this workshop we will explore what Yoga offers in regards to death from two angles:

  1. The death of others, in which we will learn to help those in the dying process to die peacefully and with grace
  2. One’s own death, how bringing awareness to death can positively affect our life and raise our consciousness

This workshop uses both lecture and exercises to transmit an integrated knowledge from a Variety of sources – the Yogic and Tantric Traditions, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, modern Western psychology, studies into near death experiences, and more. The practical aspect of the course includes a variety of Yoga techniques; meditations, visualizations, and rituals. Though the subject is the most serious one that exists, it will be approached directly and honestly, and there promises to be even moments of light heartedness and laughter.

Join us!

When deciding to attend the Yoga and Death course, I felt a mix of curiosity and apprehension. Nervous because this can be a fearful thing at times, I didn’t know what it would be like learning and feeling through this, but I was also excited as my experiences with death and grieving had been turning points for me. Death had continued to fascinate me. I’ve listened to a lot of lectures on so many topics through my university studies; some are very interesting but others paled into insignificance. Participating in this course was so engaging; it was so freeing to really explore death and grieving in this way. Amitayus was able to communicate the complexities, acknowledge the magnitude and lack of understanding that is death and made it a safe environment for our discussion and meditation. With the greater understanding I gained from this workshop, I feel that when required I can help myself, my family and friends through the grieving process. That understanding can also be applied to my work in healthcare. It was confronting for me at times but I thrived on being able to be so present whilst Amitayus held space for us. I’m keen to deepen my understanding of the process and am so grateful to him for facilitating this experience for me.

Thank you from my bursting heart. It was one of the more enriching experiences I’ve had! Xx


Thank so amazing hope he comes back and does a month long workshop!!! Still on a high today and in awe of the journey xx