Transformational Shadow Work creates a profound shift in behavior, spirit, attitude, emotional well-being and, most importantly, connection to Essence.  This is psycho-spiritual work, and a powerful healing modality.

Transformative Shadow Work goes from the inside out.  Simply the process is about going into your shadow – the parts of ourselves the we hide/repress/deny/disown, the hidden motivations for many of our actions and feeling – with compassion and curiosity, uncovering what is there around any specific prompt, and dialoguing with the parts that arise, bringing them into presence with your Essential Self. As this happens the parts that are holding trauma, suffering, limiting beliefs or wounding will release these bringing healing and lightness into your being. And as the process deepens over time more and more of your personality structure will be ‘Self-Lead’, meaning that your engagement with the world will come from your Essential Self and less from the disparate personality fragments.

One reason that bring people to this work are intense, debilitating feelings such as loneliness, depression, neediness, anger, powerful self-judgement, lack of self-worth or the realization  that “I just can’t go on like this”.

Other comes to this work after years of yoga, meditation, shamanic work, sexual empowerment practices or spiritual work, recognizing that they’re still in the same relationship spirals and life patterns, looking for real change.

Perhaps there is a profound sense of disconnection with Self, or with others, chronic illness, a laziness and stagnation that just cannot be shaken, difficulty in relationships, challenges in sexuality, or a lack of direction and purpose in life.

The beauty of this work is that it helps to connect you with You, bringing compassion, clarity, curiousity, centeredness and vertically into your experience.  The healing and shifts in behaviour and patterns happen when your authentic, Essential Being meets the Shadow Part that is leading the behaviour.  Thus this work is a blossoming forth and an unfolding, in which the problematic behaviors or emotions naturally fall away when the rest of the system realizes that they are no longer necessary – creating more space and expansiveness within.

You will build new ways of relating with your shadow parts and ultimately unburden them. These sessions are incredibly powerful and can help transform long standing patterns in a short period of time.

Sessions are one-to-one, and can be done online, or in person.

10 years of meditation and spiritual practice allows me to hold a field of healing Presence while you do the work. Many people find they can do very deep personal work with me immediately because of the field of safety they feel around me. Through my own work I have become quite grounded in deep places of calm and you will sense that when we work together.

I offer 60 minute session on a sliding scale, from 85$ -120$ USD an hour, 90 minute sessions on a sliding scale of 120$ -180$ and packages are available too for a discounted cost.

If you feel very called to this work and cannot afford even the lower end of the scale, please contact me, as I have a limited number of reduced fee slots available.

To find out more information or book a session contact me.



How Transformational Shadow Work has benefited others:

“To have choice in your life. With awareness, you don’t have to worry about things or play the same games as 98% of the population. Doesn’t mean life is perfect, stuff still happens. It’s the way you relate to it that gives you freedom. And lots of cool shit and experiences happen when you do this work!”

“If you’re lucky, you’ll get nowhere without quality shadow work. If you’re not lucky you’ll cause wreckage to yourself and/or others.”

“Knowing yourself better will benefit every area of your life. Going deeper shows you your wounds and how to heal them in order to live the life you really want.”

“It gives a lot of growth and awakening.”

“I know myself now and am finally able to let others really know me. It has brought acceptation & healing.”

“I’ve slowed down and feel more, I’m starting to feel things in parts of my body that have always been numb.”

“Fueled expansion of my love.”

“Greater self-awareness, emotional healing.”

“I have the feeling I know myself much better know. I can identify the triggers, understand where they are coming from, and observe them without judgment.  I also have better sense of clarity and direction.”

“There is also some magical thing happening like healing is being done from the inside out. Some wounds from childhood that used to affect my life powerfully are now healed.  I feel an acceptance, and patience, and compassion are more firmly embedded in my life now.”

“I evolved faster in three years of this kind of work, than in seven years of conventional psychotherapy”.

I offer this therapy work in person in Melbourne Australia, or throughout the world on skype.