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Path of Partnership; Healing, Intimacy & Growth

In this revolutionary workshop, we will explore Conscious Relationship gleaned through the teachings of both the East and the West.
From the West we will offer strategies and techniques sourced from cutting-edge Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology, and from the East we will offer Tantric, neo-Tantric, and shamanic teachings and practices.

We will synthesize and harmonize these in a unique, in depth, experiential workshop, that will empower you along both the vertical axis of Spirit and the horizontal axis of inner-work and healing, of Soul. And from your center you can meet, and be met, by another in their center.


The Hero’s Journey

Welcome to The Hero’s Journey, an intensive space for men to support and challenge each other. A place where men can finally embrace, embody and integrate their true masculine potential.



“Acroyoga is the perfect model for the Tantric Relationship – it requires and builds Presence, Trust, Surrender and Communication”. In this workshop we will use the amazing modality of AcroYoga to explore, integrate and ground the basic philosophies of Tantric Spirituality in our lives. It will be fun and playful, yet insightful and experiential, and an opportunity to connect with others in an intimate, yet non-sexual space.


Tantric Sacred Sexuality Workshop

How do spirituality and sexuality relate? How can I expand my spiritual practice into my lovemaking? How can I embrace my sexuality more fully and become a more confident and present lover? This is your invitation to explore these topics and more in a safe, open and supportive space. Join us for this intensive which will give you a solid understanding of the traditional Yogic and Tantric paths filled with fun and powerful exercises that will invite you to explore your relationship with self, with others and with source.

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Tantric Masculinity Workshop

None of the masculine archetypes that society resonates with are satisfactory for a man who is committed to evolution. According to Tantra, the Masculine is one of the two fundamental polar energies that create and sustain our Universe. The Masculine principle provides direction, verticality, and consciousness. When applied to a human being, it is exemplified by the concept of “Vira”, or the spiritual hero: this is the model male typology for the Tantric practitioner. In this workshop, we will explore the different aspects of this Masculine archetype.