“Acroyoga is the perfect model for the Tantric Relationship – it requires and builds Presence, Trust, Surrender and Communication”.

I have said this so many times in the last 5 years that I have been practicing both Acroyoga and Tantra – now its time to bring them together!

In this workshop we will use the amazing modality of AcroYoga to explore, integrate and ground the basic philosophies of Tantric Spirituality in our lives.

It will be fun and playful, yet insightful and experiential, and an opportunity to connect with others in an intimate, yet non-sexual space.

*No experience needed in either Acroyoga or Tantra, all levels welcome*

Nicole Stewart

“My partner, Dave, and I attended a short introductory workshop on AcroTantra with Amitayus last night. We have been together for 6 years and have reached a point in our relationship where we both want ‘more’ and as a result are exploring new ways of connecting and growing the intimacy and closeness in our relationship. We decided that we would investigate some workshops with Tantric themes, and AcroTantra came up, and looked like a heap of fun!! We are both so glad that we went, and had so much fun! Amitayus was fantastic – he was open and caring and made learning something so new very easy! (Neither of us have had any experience with AcroYoga before!) His passion for AcroYoga and Tantra is so clear, and he took the time in the workshop to make sure everyone was having a good experience regardless of their experience or ability. I feel like we have found an activity that we can share to help us really nurture our connection and relationship together, and we’re both looking forward to exploring AcroTantra further! Thank You Amitayus!”