What does it mean to “be a man”? Nowadays, it seems that none of the masculine archetypes that society resonates with are satisfactory for a man who is committed to evolution.

According to Tantra, the Masculine is one of the two fundamental polar energies that create and sustain our Universe. The Masculine principle provides direction, verticality, and consciousness. When applied to a human being, it is exemplified by the concept of “Vira”, or the spiritual hero: this is the model male typology for the Tantric practitioner.

In this workshop, we will explore the different aspects of this Masculine archetype. With understanding and techniques based on our individual strengths and weaknesses, we will connect to our true Vira nature. The workshop is reserved for men only, and this factor alone will amplify masculinity and give us the space to work on our Vira nature on our own, in isolation from any relationships. Techniques will be given and practiced to develop the masculine energy, while simultaneously honoring our own internal feminine. Thusly we will move from stale stereotypes into living Viras.

In this workshop you will learn and experience:

  • Understanding of the Masculine Principle and Vira Nature
  • Yogic Asana & Pranayama to Activate & Balance the Chakras
  • Experiential Understanding of the Consciousness of the Chakras
  • Sublimation Technology to Master Sexual Energy
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Discover your Purpose and Unlock your Full Potential
  • Integrate the Masculine and Feminine in your Being
masculinity sexuality empowerment tantra tantric
This was a unique experience of exploring what it is to be a better man, a better brother, a better, honest warrior of truth. The teachers reminded me of the parts in my masculinity that were repressed by society and provided a warm environment of brotherhood to be open to those human sides. I felt like in a martial arts group where all are brothers to each other. Thank you Amitayus and Raffaelo for this experience


Through yoga poses and breathing, Amitayus connected me deeply with my body. He created a space of trust and brotherhood where none existed before.

I learned a technique which clearly demonstrated energy flowing through my body.

The workshop was strongly held, allowing the group to unleash our raw and hidden selves in safety, and through encouraging us to hold space for each other we created unexpected deep bonds of friendship among people who didn’t know each other at all at the beginning of the workshop.

Amitayus is a personable and grounded facilitator. He encourages participants toward self-discovery, ease and growth.



Amitayus has ever since been an inspiration for me in terms of being a true spiritual male man, a Vira and teacher. I admire his integrity, knowledge and love for people, his empathetic soul. He knows how to treat friends as well as his beloved ones. Amitayus would always have open ears and an open heart in any situation of struggle. Thanks for your loving kindness.