Are you ready to reignite that spark and connection in your intimate relationship? With your family and friends? With yourself?

This introductory Tantric Sacred Sexuality workshop will renew your passion, direction and desire, both in and out of the bedroom. Sexual energy is the single most powerful force in the world, but unfortunately most of us have not yet uncovered the mystery and transformative power of this force. For thousands of years these teachings had been offered to only a small group of initiates in the East. But now they are being presented in a language relevant to our everyday lives and the needs of our 21st century minds and bodies.

Both individuals and couples can benefit from this esoteric knowledge, rarely found in the west, in a safe, open and supportive space. All material is LGBTQ friendly and open to all sexual orientations.

In this weekend workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Unleash passion and fire for life and for your partner
  • Become aware of and master your sexual energy and channel it into any or all areas of life
  • Transform yourself into a more confident, present and communicative lover
  • Redefine pleasure and orgasm, both for men and women
  • Step up your “sex life” into a “love life”
  • Learn to see yourself with more value, compassion and self-love
  • See your partner with fresh eyes of deep love and understanding
  • Recognize gratitude and bliss in your everyday life
  • Turn your sexuality into spirituality

Along with theory, there will be many practical techniques and exercises, including:

  • Safe and fun partner and group exercises to explore sensuality, relationships and energy
  • Tantric rituals
  • Solo exercises to delve into your own relationship with the masculine & feminine
  • Yoga practice and meditation to empower and control your sexuality
  • Printed material to take home and practice on your own!

Bonus! You are also invited to attend Friday Night Foreplay the night before the event, a taste of Tantric Sacred Sexuality, from 7-10pm. All are welcome, whether you are attending in the weekend or not. Everyone must register to participate, weekend guests included.

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PLEASE NOTE: There is NO nudity or genital touch in this workshop. Exercises are given for later individual and couple practice.

Hosted by Spanda Tantra Yoga


Amitayus facilitates and presents Tantra from an embodied understanding. He is grounded in his knowledge of the Shiva/Shakti archetypes and their relevance to embodying and living from a context of understanding that we are all gods and goddesses. His delivery is soft and firm and has offered me great validation in my Tantric path. Thank you.

– Jasper

Infinite gratitude for making such a beautiful day. The synergistic effect of your presence, the environment, the group of people, the topics, and the group-bonding activities worked wonders at creating a temporary haven where people were able to feel comfortable, connect with other people, share with authenticity, and to ultimately feel less lonely in this increasingly individualistic ego-centered world. The happy tears seen a few times throughout the day gave testament to the powerful and positive feelings that many people were experiencing.

– Paul, Seoul