conscious relationships and core wounding

Conscious Relationship & Core Wounding

Have you noticed that certain patterns repeat themselves in your relationships, especially long term relationships? Everything is fine and then you get to a point where it all falls apart?

In this workshop we will understand intellectually, and experientially, how our childhood wounding continues to play itself out again and again throughout our life, especially in our intimate relationships. How we unconsciously find partners who will wound us again the same way that our caretaker’s did, and how we are unconsciously wounding our partners as well. With this awareness comes techniques to begin to transform the way that we engage in relationship.


tantra tantric empowerment masculinity masculine sexual energy

Tantric Masculinity: Mastering Sexual Energy

The Tantric Man is, amongst other things, a master of his sexual energy. Whether you’d like to learn to last longer in bed, separate ejaculation from orgasm, increase your libido, strengthen your erections, or experience more pleasure, this workshop is for you.

Mastering your sexual energy will give you more energy to dedicate to your family, your relationships, your work, your play, your studies, and your spiritual evolution.



Art of Dying

This workshop uses both lecture and exercises to transmit an integrated knowledge from a variety of sources – the Yogic and Tantric Traditions, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, modern Western psychology, studies into near death experiences, and more.

The practical aspect of the course includes a variety of Yoga techniques; meditations, visualizations, and rituals. Though the subject is the most serious one that exists, it will be approached directly and honestly, and the workshop promises to be punctuated by moments of light heartedness and laughter.



Tantric Masculinity: Shadow Work

Are you ready to enter into your darkness? To face your demons? To venture deep into the cave of the unknown, to slay the dragon and recover the treasure hoard within? Are you ready to face the parts of yourself that you hide, repress and deny? Are you ready to reclaim your power?

This workshop is designed to help you name, own and reclaim your power, and to rest in Essence.



Opening the Heart Chakra

Join us for a powerfully heart-opening evening. Gently deepening into your experience of love for self, for other and for the divine, through the body, the mind and the soul. We will use traditional techniques from Yoga, Tantra and Sufism, as well as music, loving kindness and compassion to create this powerful energy field.

We all want to experience love in our life. In greater quantities, in more purity, for longer durations without losig that depth of feeling.

From the Yogic perspective it is Anahata Chakra – the Heart Chakra – that makes this possible.




“Acroyoga is the perfect model for the Tantric Relationship – it requires and builds Presence, Trust, Surrender and Communication”.

I have said this so many times in the last 5 years that I have been practicing both Acroyoga and Tantra – now its time to bring them together!

In this workshop we will use the amazing modality of AcroYoga to explore, integrate and ground the basic philosophies of Tantric Spirituality in our lives.

It will be fun and playful, yet insightful and experiential, and an opportunity to connect with others in an intimate, yet non-sexual space.



Tantric Lovemaking Rituals

Just like daily practice on the Yoga mat or the meditation cushion is what grounds you in Spirit, periodic Love Making Rituals will ground your relationship in Being.

In this workshop we will explore how to bring ritual into your bedroom; enhancing the power of the lovemaking, deeping your connection with your partner and with source, and planting the seed of love and spirituality into your life and relationship.