Tantric Lovemaking Rituals

Just like daily practice on the Yoga mat or the meditation cushion is what grounds you in Spirit, periodic Love Making Rituals will ground your relationship in Being.

In this workshop we will explore how to bring ritual into your bedroom; enhancing the power of the lovemaking, deeping your connection with your partner and with source, and planting the seed of love and spirituality into your life and relationship.


conscious relationships and core wounding

Conscious Relationship & Core Wounding

Have you noticed that certain patterns repeat themselves in your relationships, especially long term relationships? Everything is fine and then you get to a point where it all falls apart?

In this workshop we will understand intellectually, and experientially, how our childhood wounding continues to play itself out again and again throughout our life, especially in our intimate relationships. How we unconsciously find partners who will wound us again the same way that our caretaker’s did, and how we are unconsciously wounding our partners as well. With this awareness comes techniques to begin to transform the way that we engage in relationship.