Transforming Relationship Patterns

Melbourne, Australia

March 19th, 6:30-9:30pm

By experientially understanding how our childhood wounding continues to play itself out throughout life we can transform the way that we engage in relationship. We do the inner work to uncover and transform these early experiences and our relationships can be authentically loving, and connected with a maturity of intimacy.

Tantric Sacred Sexuality

Melbourne, Australia
April 13th, 12-3pm
I’m excited to be offering this event at Westside Yoga! Tantra is a way of engaging in the world that hold’s life as sacred, and recognizes the intrinsic divinity within the life-force energy that is sexual energy. Tantric Sacred Sexuality will bring a new level of consciousness to sexual intimacy, and ultimately into life. Book Here

Conscious Relationship & Core Wounding: Relationships Path Weekend Intensive

May 4-5, Melbourne
An experiential exploration of Conscious Relationship as both a catalyst for and agent of healing & growth. As we explore our deep wounding within with compassion and presence, we begin to touch the process of Individuation. This allows us to relate to others from a place of abundance, generosity and security, rather than from a place of need.