Tantric Masculinity: Mastering Sexual Energy

The Tantric Man is, amongst other things, a master of his sexual energy. Whether you’d like to learn to last longer in bed, separate ejaculation from orgasm, increase your libido, strengthen your erections, or experience more pleasure, this workshop is for you.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll learn how to cultivate the sexual energy to make every part of our life more powerful – to increase consciousness, ability to love, will, creativity, joy and more.

Mastering your sexual energy will give you more energy to dedicate to your family, your relationships, your work, your play, your studies, and your spiritual evolution.

This workshop will be mostly experiential, including techinques from Tantra, Yoga and Taoism. 


Full Body Orgasms

Full Body Orgasms? Yes, please!

We are all capable of experiencing rolling waves of pleasure, energy and bliss pulsing through our entire being.

How, you ask? Well thats what youll learn in this (r)evolutionary workshop, Full Body Orgasms. Using the wisdom and science of Tantra, youll gain tools to open more fully to your sexuality and orgasmic potential, how to please your lovers more fully, and how to bring spirituality and consciousness into the bedroom.

This 3-hour workshop, for all sexual preferences and orientations, will include theory and practice around:

– Awakening your orgasmic potential
– Surrendering into deeper orgasms and more pleasure
– Specific tools for giving your partner more satisfying orgasms
– Subliming and channeling your sexual energy throughout the body
– Using polarity to connect with your divine sexual impulse
– Strategies for how to last longer in bed
– Turning your sex life into a love life 


Yoga of Trust and Surrender

“The presence of basic trust indicates that you have the innate sense that life is fundamentally benevolent, and that benevolence exists independent of you and your actions. You will have this sense to the extent that your grounding in the universe has not been disturbed” – A.H. Almaas

Basic Trust is the sense that the universe is ultimately supporting each of us in our fullness. However most of us have lost this knowing in our lives. The consequences of this are innumerable and disastrous.

What would your intimate relationships be like if you had complete, justified trust in your partner? What work would you do if you trusted to be completely supported in life? What would it be like to trust yourself implicitly?

Many Spiritual Masters tell us that surrender is necessary on the path to Self-Realization, and without Basic Trust, how could we ever surrender?

In this workshop we will:
– Go deep into the psyche to discover where, when, and why Basic Trust was lost
– See the ramifications of this loss in your life, relationships, work, purpose & beyond
– Learn which parts are holding this wound, and what they need to let go of it
– Implement simple and profound healing
– Open to the possibility of surrender